Youth Friendly Fabric Solutions

We at XL Fabrics fully understand the need to stay at the cutting edge of fashion trends, especially in an industry so dependent on creativity and innovation. Nowadays, designers and clothing manufacturers alike are attempting to capture the Millennial market, and to do that, they need to weave solid knits, knit prints, and the junior denim in Los Angeles and throughout the nation into their forthcoming collections. But there’s no need to worry because you’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove of wholesale junior fabric options of all colors, prints, and materials a fashionista could ever desire. We gladly invite you to browse our wide selection; all of our items  are conveniently listed and sorted on our user-friendly online catalogue.

What’s more, we at XL Fabrics understand that, from simple startup operations to established household brands, the cost of fabric and materials can occasionally cut into your bottom line. Thanks to our streamlined production process and efficient wholesale fabric suppliers system, we are able to deliver top notch wholesale fabrics at the best possible prices.

Additionally, because we always welcome innovation, if you’ve planned out the next cutting edge custom design, we offer a simple, time saving custom order process to bring your ideas to fruition.  Our highly professional and efficient customer service staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure you’ve found everything precisely to your liking. Just remember, when you need quality and value in wholesale fabrics, XL Fabrics is the name the industry’s leading designers trust.