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Where do you go for yarn dye plaids in Los Angeles or online? XL Fabrics offers the largest variety of trending fabrics, with new types and styles of fabric added to our huge selection all the time. The choices available through our warehouse in the Los Angeles garment district are reflected in our incredible selection of fabric online through our website. As a manufacturer or designer, you can find anything you need to start setting trends for the next season.

One of the hottest fabric patterns in any season is yarn dye plaids. These lush patterns weave any rich color you want, reflecting the chic color combinations of that season. Patterns are made richer, deeper, and longer-lasting through the yarn dying process, and XL Fabrics selects only the best pieces of plaids, stripes, knits and more for our trend-setting customers.

Yarn dyed fabric is highly sought after by all kinds of designers because the pattern presents on both sides of the material, and the weave helps the colors last longer. Yarn receives a rich dye treatment before being woven into intricate, elegant patterns like plaids, stripes, gingham, denim, and even jacquard knit fabric, which many manufacturers simply print onto the top of their fabric. The dying process ensures that the yarn holds the color longer, even though wear and washing. Time after time, designers trust XL Fabrics for quality yarn dye stripes in Los Angeles.

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One mark of yarn dye stripes and plaids quality is whether or not the pattern emerges on the underside of the fabric. If a piece of fabric has been dyed after the threads are woven together, the fabric will have a lighter colored underside, and a brightly colored top side. Because the dye has not set into the whole yarn spool, it might not sink deeply into the fabric. Some low quality manufacturers dye only the top side of their knits or denim, but XL Fabrics ensures that its solid, striped, and knit fabrics are of the highest quality, which means we offer only the finest yarn dyed solid knits and patterns.

Another sign of a great fabric manufacturer is high-tech machinery. XL Fabrics knows that computers can more precisely control timing and temperature than humans alone, and when a fabric manufacturer brings in new techniques and computer-controlled processes, we see that reflected in a higher quality weave, and more vibrant dyes. We ensure the exceptional quality of our yarn dye stripes in our Los Angeles warehouse by inspecting the quality of the cloth and the quality of the production facilities we work with.

If you need rich colors and long-lasting dye for your chambray, chevron, floral, and stripe patterns, look no further than XL Fabrics. Our warehouse has the best yarn dye plaids designers need to set new trends around the world.

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