The Latest Trending Wholesale Junior Fabric

Thousands of artists have made Los Angeles their home over the years. Architects, movie stars, poets, and painters have all flooded to the city to enjoy the blend of natural beauty, warm weather, and human-made monuments. It’s no wonder that so many fashion designers start here – with access to boutiques and movie stars, designers have almost unlimited options to make an impact on fashion. That’s why XL Fabrics is based in LA’s famous Garment District: although we ship all over the world, we know it is important that wholesale fabric suppliers have a base in this always changing city.

Juniors’ fashion is one of the fastest-growing designer markets, especially in major cities like Los Angeles. Teenagers grow up fast, and so do their tastes in styles. XL Fabrics offers the latest wholesale junior fabric at great prices. We always offer the highest quality and latest fashions, from chevron patterned cottons to twills and chambrays. If you’re a designer in Los Angeles, come by our warehouse to see our constantly rotating selection. If you’re not based in LA, don’t worry – our whole warehouse selection is online, in stock and ready to purchase. Our large supply of juniors’ fabric guarantees you’ll find the hottest new trends before the next season.

If you are a fashion designer for the upcoming generation, and you seek the latest jacquards, knit prints, or junior denim Los Angeles fashionistas expect, XL Fabric has exactly what you need. We are the number one choice for fashionable fabrics in Los Angeles and beyond.