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XL Fabrics offers the best quality in trending solid woven fabric Los Angeles fashion designers and manufacturers need. Our materials are available to browse online, so any designer, from a dedicated hobbyist to a professional designer to the stars, can check out our incredible variety of both woven and knit fabrics, ranging from lace, to denim, to print and solid fabrics.

We know that designers need a variety of materials to complete a full set of fashion designs and outfits. One order of woven fabric won’t cut it for a fashion season, which is why XL Fabrics has a selection that is always growing, always trending. We understand that designers need every type of fabric ranging between sheer and heavy, print and solid, knit and woven fabrics. Look no further than our online catalogue to see the latest fabrics available from our warehouse.

Solid woven fabric offers an incredible base for any fashion design. Although knit fabric offers more stretch than woven fabric, a basic woven fabric can offer years of durability through routine wear and tear. With a variety of types of weaving, even a solid fabric woven from one type of thread can make a strong statement. One type of weave creates satin, with a shiny surface and a dull surface, while another type of weave creates blue jean material, which can be seen on trend-setting fashionistas all over the world.

Beautiful, Chic Solid Woven Fabrics for Los Angeles Designers

The designers and staff at XL Fabrics keep up to date on the latest fabric trends, which include solid woven fabric, blue jean material, knits including jersey and jacquards, and even lace for bridal and bridesmaids gowns. We know that many designers layer types of fabric to create a variety of effects, and we know that many designers employ a wide variety of solid woven fabric.

Did you know that Los Angeles denim manufacturers set the standard for high fashion denim in the 1960’s? Did you know that denim is woven, not knit? The average clothing purchaser may not realize how wide a variety of woven fabrics exist. Thin cotton weave like muslin comes to mind for many people, but fabrics like chiffon, corduroy, Kashmir silk, flannel, and cotton chambray fabric all have their basis in a woven design. These fabrics cover all kinds of designs from the trendiest pants suit to the fanciest prom dress.

Because Los Angeles is home to numerous fashion designers and clothing manufacturers, XL Fabrics keeps in stock all the latest solid woven fabric Los Angeles designers need to complete their season’s fashions. Our online catalogue is used by designers and manufacturers nationwide and provides all types of fabric enthusiasts, from hobbyist fashionistas to red carpet trend-setters, offering cheap fabric online without sacrificing the quality of the material. Trust XL Fabrics for the hottest fabric fashions with the best service and pricing.