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If you’re looking for scuba fabric in Los Angeles or anywhere, XL Fabric is the place to get it. That’s important because scuba fabric is hotter than ever and here to stay. This material has features that youth oriented fashion designers and manufacturers demand in high-end fabrics: it is light weight, stretchy, durable, moldable, and best of all, it can hold photorealistic prints without fading quickly.  

Our warehouse offers the widest selection of beautiful, chic fabrics in LA’s trendy Garment District. We ship to anywhere in the world, as well, so any designer can get unbeatable prices on the biggest selection of juniors’ fabrics. We proudly supply scuba fabric, also called neoprene, to the world’s most discerning fashionistas. When it comes to developing the latest and best products for youth oriented designers and manufacturers, there’s no doubt that XL Fabrics is one of the best wholesale fabric suppliers in Los Angeles.

Hot Trend: Scuba Fabric

You’ve seen it everywhere, but what is scuba fabric? You might imagine that it’s the foamy material that makes wetsuits waterproof. And you would be partially right: scuba wetsuits, which are thinner than deep sea diving wetsuits, are made of the same material that fashion designers have been using for bodycon dresses, leggings, jackets, and even boots. While this material may not seem like the perfect fashionable material for junior trends, it actually has some incredible benefits for fashion designers.

Scuba knit fabric first hit the scene in the early 2000’s when some fashion designers realized that this material, which is also called neoprene, was made to be durable in tough environments like the ocean, so it held its shape and dye under duress for a long time. Designers began to experiment with geometric shapes on shirt sleeves and skirts, and these held their shape without boning or crinoline to hold them in place. Other designers realized that this durable knit wear would not only hold shape, but color as well, and began to stamp intricate prints onto their designs.

When you see leggings with a cloud pattern or the Milky Way printed in bright colors, that’s scuba fabric. When you see bodycon dresses printed with photographs of flowers in a field, that’s scuba fabric. When you see form-fitting thigh high boots in bright purple, that’s scuba fabric also. This polyester-based knit material is taking the fashion world by storm. > Of course, as a fashion designer, there’s only one place to get the best scuba type fabric there is: XL Fabrics.

XL Fabrics Has the Best Online Warehouse

XL Fabrics has a warehouse full of the latest fabric, and we focus on always growing our always trending supply. For the hottest printed knit fabric this season, check out our online store, too. We update our online catalogue as soon as we get something new in our Garment District warehouse. We know that, as a fashion designer or manufacturer, you don’t want to worry about the quality of your material or the speed of delivery, which is why we offer only the highest quality cottons, jacquards, and scuba fabric Los Angeles designers and fashionistas all over the world need right now. Order online right now, or give us a call.

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