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XL Fabrics is the best place to get the latest and best in Ottoman fabric Los Angeles youth-oriented fashion designers need, and that’s largely because we know our fabrics. Similar to jersey knit or ribbed knit, Ottoman fabric is durable, stretchy, and warm. However, this trendy knit fabric is soft with a slightly shiny surface. Because it is so durable, it can be used for nearly anything, from upholstery to suit jackets. Patterns are woven directly into the material, so they will endure years of washing and wear.

The XL Fabrics warehouse is located in the Garment District, and our home in LA helps us keep up with the hottest new junior’s fashions, from classic knit fabrics to the latest scuba knits. We make sure our warehouse is always up to date with beautiful, high-quality materials that fashion designers need to keep up with the upcoming runway season.

Ottoman Fabric for the Perfect Pattern

As the name implies, Ottoman fabric originated in Turkey, the seat of the Ottoman Empire. Just like Los Angelinos today, Ottoman Turks were famous the world over for their incredible fashion sense. These designers and manufacturers of yore used lots of silks, brocades, and thick knits to create elegant styles few other nations could copy. At the time, Ottoman weaves used only silk to create the lush, soft ribs that are a highlight of this style of material. Today, Ottoman knits still use natural silk at times, but more often it is a manufactured silk, or a manmade material like polyester.  Regardless it is a timeless material that is now more popular than ever.

This fabric is famous for its thick, horizontal ribs. Unlike other rib knit fashion fabrics, which have vertical ribbing, Ottoman fabric appears to wrap around the wearer. This prevents it from warping or fitting too tightly after washing. It is still tightly woven, however, which means it is a great warm fabric for cold weather. It also drapes beautifully because the weave is made from two sizes of yarn, allowing for a trademark flow to tapered pants or long sleeves. When used in active wear, Ottoman knit fabric breathes with the breeze, and yet manages to maintain its shape and color for years of use.

XL Fabrics Offers Trending Knit Fashion Fabrics

XL Fabrics is the best place to get high quality, beautiful Ottoman fabric Los Angeles fashionistas want in their pants suits, long sleeve workout shells, hats, and stylish nightlife dresses. Because XL Fabrics is always growing, our always trending supply of junior’s fabrics in our warehouse includes all of the most popular fabrics including denim, chambray, or knit print fabric. That’s why we are likely to have exactly what you’re looking for to keep up with this season’s hottest demands. To get started, check out our online catalogue and, remember, we ship around the world.

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