New Denim Trends with Fabric You Trust

At XL Fabrics, we know that you work hard to keep your young and fashionable customers ahead in the trend-setting game. That’s why our warehouse in Los Angeles’s Garment District is fully stocked with the most unique and modern fabrics of the finest quality. Because we refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity, our fashion designer and fashionista customers come to us for the latest patterns, colors, cuts, and styles. We are the leading wholesale fabric suppliers for the hottest fabrics of the season.

Our warehouse maintains a constant, reliable stock of the trendiest, highest quality fabrics in the world. XL Fabrics is the only place to go for junior denim in Los Angeles. We offer 100% cotton denim, so whether you’re creating swank new styles of jeans and skirts for teenagers, or creating individual trends as a couturier to the young and hip set in LA, XL Fabrics has the perfect blends for your denim needs. As winter becomes spring, lightweight denim becomes more popular, and thick winter coats give way to denim jackets. When spring becomes summer, jean shorts are all the rage. Keep ahead of these seasonable changes thanks to our constantly-updated supply of beautiful denim, and other fabrics.

XL Fabrics offers the widest array of style-changing fabrics, from prints and knits to silks and chambrays. Our wholesale junior fabric offers you, the designer, the best possible price on all the material you need, with our guarantee of high quality and durability that you can trust. Through our easy-to-use online store, you can order all the fabric you need quickly, and see exactly when it will arrive. You can also call us anytime with questions, or, for Los Angeles fashionistas, join us at our Garment District warehouse.