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If you are looking for micro suede fabric in Los Angeles or anywhere else, you probably have a pretty good idea of why this material is creating a fashion sensation among youth oriented designers and manufacturers. XL Fabrics is proud to offer this 100 percent synthetic material, made either from polyester or other plant-based fibers. Inspired by traditional soft suede, micro suede mimics thick but soft leather, yet does not harm any animals. As young fashionistas and their designers become more concerned about the environment, micro suede becomes a fantastic option for winter coats, elegant boots, and even hats or jewelry.  There’s no two ways about it: one of the hottest fashion trends coming up is micro suede fabric. Although this soft, versatile material has been around since 1970, new wearable styles for all kinds of clothing, shoes, and accessories have been hitting runways lately, and for very good reason.

Furniture manufacturers took to micro suede fabric as soon as they could after it was invented, because this fabric is not only stain resistant and easy to clean, but many times cheaper than leather. Fashion designers originally used this completely vegan material to make faux leather handbags and boots, but now that the leather look is becoming popular again as fewer young fashion-forward customers want to wear real leather, micro suede is hitting its stride in a much wider range of garments. Micro suede vests with tassel fringe have been more popular in recent fashion seasons than any other time since the 1960’s. Knee-high micro suede boots keep feet feeling dry, and legs looking chic. Micro suede hats keep sun out of the eyes, while offering a soft brushed elegance to the wearer.

Even better, micro suede holds dye incredibly well, and since the fabric has little base color of its own, there are even brighter colors of microsuede available compared to leather. XL Fabrics finds the best manufacturers so that we can keep high quality micro suede fabric at our Los Angeles warehouse in the Garment District, and ship it anywhere in the world.

Working with XL Fabrics

XL Fabrics keeps up with all the latest trends in junior’s fashions, and our lush, quality micro suede is only one of the fabric options we offer to designers and manufacturers. We have the largest selection of junior denim for Los Angeles designers to choose from, along with both solid and knit fabrics for matching accents. Our knowledgeable service staff can help fashionistas begin their creations by answering fabric questions, like “what is chambray fabric?” and offer style pointers like which fabrics work best with a chevron pattern. This season, we highly recommend micro suede to match your regular denim and floral selections, so check out our online catalogue

Fashion designers looking for cheap fabric online don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity – they simply want great fabric at amazing wholesale prices. XL Fabrics offers both high quality fabrics through.

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