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XL Fabrics offers the widest variety of jacquard knits Los Angeles designers need to keep in style. Jacquard fabric offers lush patterns and rich colors that few other types of fabrics offer, which is why these patterns are so popular, especially among trend-setting teenagers and young adults.

Jacquard knit fabric offers a beautiful and elaborate pattern woven into the fabric, rather than printed onto the base fabric with ink. Because the design is woven in, the print remains vibrant and lush for years. Top designers often choose jacquard knits over elaborately printed floral patterns because they know the details of the pattern will not fade with use and washing. Designers also know that jacquard fabrics involve many types of fabric, such as cotton, polyester, and silk, which makes the weave appropriate for all types of fashion occasions. Casual shirts and formal skirts alike feature this striking material.

Paisley patterns, floral weave, damask, and other types of prints make jacquard knit a unique and luxurious material for designers to work with. At XL Fabrics, we guarantee a wide variety of jacquard fabrics through our online store, from traditional 19th century styles to the hottest colors and floral patterns. We also offer fast delivery, so you receive your fabric exactly when you need it. XL Fabrics’ warehouse offers jacquard fabrics that are always growing in variety, always trending in style.

Jacquard Knit Offers Durability and Style

When fashionistas design a high-fashion coat, floor length ball gown, or even the latest in work-appropriate pants for young adults, they know they can trust XL Fabrics to offer high quality jacquard knit fabric to complete the design. Although many fashion lovers know that jacquard offers beautiful patterns and colors, they may not know the history like designers do. Jacquard fabric was created in 1801 when inventor Joseph Marie Jacquard completed an automated loom that would weave different threads together to create a vibrant, bold pattern. Up to this moment, jacquard knits and designs have remained incredibly popular among trend-setting young adults.

Jacquard fabrics pair beautifully with more subtle colors and textures, including knit denim and chambray.  If you’re a fashion designer, whether you’re based in Los Angeles or another fashion capital of the world, we can offer speedy shipping for your online purchases, including multiple fabric bulk orders of damask, lace, or chambray fabric by the yard.

If you’re in Los Angeles, we’d love to see you at our warehouse so we can help you in-person. Whether you need jacquard knits in Los Angeles immediately, or you  want to buy fabric online through our incredible e-commerce portal, XL Fabrics has the trendy selection you need to complete your latest design.