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Denim’s debut as a trendy fabric in the 1960’s rocked the fashion world forever and was immediately embraced by the young. Through the decades, blue jeans have become a staple for casual hang-outs, office wear, and even red carpet events. Fashionistas know there’s only one place to get the latest denim Los Angeles and worldwide trends demand – and that is XL Fabrics.

For the finest 100% cotton denim fabric online and through our Los Angeles headquarters, XL Fabrics is the only place to go. Smart manufacturers and all types of fashion designers, from those at large design studios to individual couturiers to the stars, come to XL Fabrics for the finest quality, latest trends, and greatest prices on a wide selection of solid knits, lace, chambray, and even micro suede and jacquard print fabric. Our warehouse of fabric is always growing, always trending.

For the premier source of knit denim, cotton denim, and other durable, chic woven twills, XL Fabrics is the best source you’re likely to find. Our wide selection of fabric includes the most perfect lace or mesh for bridal gowns, techno jacquard for trend-setting coats, and even wholesale junior fabric for the perfect tops and tees for teens.

Get the denim Los Angeles designers rave about at XL Fabrics. Whether pale blue with a hint of acid wash, or plain, untouched dark blue, our warehouse features the best prices on the latest trends in denim fabric just for you.

California is the Home of Denim Fashion

Although the French invented denim as a durable workers’ fabric, American miners and cowboys did not start wearing these jackets and pants until Levi Strauss introduced the heavyweight indigo cloth to California in the 19th century. Inexpensive and tough, denim has long been associated with “blue collar” work like construction and manufacturing.

However, since becoming popular with teenagers and college students in the 1950’s and 1960’s, denim fabric is now a trend-setting material used in high-end fashion pants. Southern California’s designers still set many of the world’s hottest trends with denim pants, bridging the gap between casual and couture. XL Fabrics maintains a large, changing selection of all types of fabric, including denim, as well as knit fabric, poly spandex, and even novelty scuba fabrics. Pair any of our wide selection with our denim options and become the most fashion-forward manufacturer designer wherever you’re based.

Los Angeles denim, lace, woven prints, chambray, jacquard resource is XL Fabrics. Don’t settle for played out options – get the best wholesale price for the most stylish prints and solids for this fashion season and beyond.